“The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us.
Thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing.”
― John Muir

Live Wild!

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Trout live in wild places. Places where you feel closer to the earth...and that feels a little closer to heaven.

Want to be a better angler? Who doesn't??? KNOW your prey. Trout are hunters. Know their prey and you'll know how to hunt them better, whether you fly fish or spin. Dude! Wut's Hatchin', Bro? introduces you to a number of sources that will help get you "schooled up" on aquatic entomology.

Spring is upon us. Venture out to one of America's great fishing destinations this year! Consider Utah. It's "Life Elevated" and this land of beautiful contrasts will draw you back over and over. Check out our blog - Why should I come to Utah to go fishing? Click on one of our outdoor partner ads you see throughout the site or check out and browse our store for an ecclectic mix of inexpensive items. There's "Sumpt'n Fishy" going on there.

Troutn people, troutn places, troutn adventure...that's what is all about!

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Why Should I come to Utah to go fishing?.


Dude! Wut's Hatchin', Bro?

How do you become a better trout angler?




Fly Fishing - 3 BR Estate by RedAwning

Fly Fishing - 3 Br estate by RedAwning

Situated on the Gallatin River in Big Sky, this vacation home is close to Soldiers Chapel.

Mexico - Riviera Maya

Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge

Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge

Nestled on the beach, this Punta Allen lodge is within a 5-minute walk of Punta Allen Dock and Punta Allen Park.

Rolla, Missouri

Outcast Inn Studio Cabin by Ozark Fly Fishing
New! Outcast Inn Studio Cabin by Ozark Fly Fishing

Situated in a rural location, this cabin is in the same region as University of Missouri-Rolla Golf Course, Missouri University of Science and Technology and Cedar Street Playhouse.

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Kayak Fishing Journal - The Guadalupe River

Bloomfield Knoble

Beginner's Tips for Kayak Fishing

FLW Fishing

Hobie vs Walmart Kayak Fishing Challenge

Poor Man's Kayak Modifications

POV Fishing

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Epic Trout Rivers - The Beaverhead

Epic Montana

Big Browns on the Henry's Fork


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This map is your portal to exciting destinations - lodges, guides and outfitters where you can get your TROUTN experience on!
DISCLAIMER: I haven't visited most of these lodges, guides or outfitters. So, please do not regard any descriptions as a personal endorsement.