Dude! Wut's hatchin' bro?

Dude! Wut's Hatchin', Bro?

It’s the latest “thing” among millennial trout anglers. Talia walks up to a spot on the river that looks good. Spots Joey in his hip-waders just downstream. He looks up. She looks at him…does the thumb-pinky shake thing and says, “Dude, wut’s hatchin’, bro?”

He nods in recognition and, with a wry smile, shows her a stone fly pattern. She sports a thumbs up and the game is on.


No, not really. I just made it all up, but it seemed like a fun way to open up the conversation about "Matching the Hatch". One thing I know, if you want to be a better trout angler, it will behoove you to learn more about aquatic entomology....because aquatic insects are a large part of what trout are hunting.

It just makes sense, when you are hunting a hunter you should know what the hunter is hunting so you can dupe that hunter with an imitation of what it is hunting. That almost made me dizzy, but you get what I mean.

Fortunately there are LOTS of ways to gain that knowledge. The most important is to be on the river you are targeting, and observe. That means looking, watching, testing the waters with a dip net, and asking questions of locals. Of course, none of that will be effective if you don’t understand what they are talking about when they start rattling off about nymphs and emergers and duns and spinners.

That’s why I’ve done a little research to help you get "schooled up" and speak like a pro the next time you’re on the river and someone walks up and says, “Dude, wha’s hatchin’, bro”?

Here are some online sources to ramp up your knowledge of the aquatic critters that salmonids love to feed on. Some are free info and some are enough free info to entice you into paying for a course :

Basic Entomology for Fly Fishing (The Catch & The Hatch)  CLICK HERE

FlyFishingEntomology.com CLICK HERE

Insect Info for Fly Fishing (Te Blue Quill Angler)  CLICK HERE

Basic Fly Fishing Entomology (Minturn Anglers)  CLICK HERE

Cabella’s Fly Fishing University  CLICK HERE

Entomology Course (The Fly Fishing Basics)  CLICK HERE

Fly Fisherman’s on-stream Entomology Course (Colorado Trout Hunters)  CLICK HERE

Fly Fishing Entomology Pt. 1 (Montana Trout Wranglers)  CLICK HERE

   If you know of others, drop me a line and let me know. I'll post them here. Thanks!   EMAIL