Why Should I Come to Utah to go Fishing?

"Life in Contrast"

The people who first came to settle Utah saw it as a land of contrasts—
a vast lake in the midst of a dry desert,
high peaks punctuated by deep valleys,
summers of baked, red-rock sculptures,
and winters of mountain slopes
blanketed by the lightest snow.
And in those contrasts, they saw harmony.
A harmony that still exists.
Today, Utah is a community
built of individuals
A joyful noise surrounded by reverent silence
A hotbed of technology on the cool edge of wilderness
And a great place to find yourself
even when what you’re looking for
is a way to get lost.
In Utah, people often find that
what was a little beyond their reach
is suddenly well within their grasp.
And all they have to do is extend a hand.
Utah is a land of both contrast and harmony
And it is in between those notes that you’ll find
a little something higher.
Utah. Where life is elevated.

Courtesy: travel.utah.gov

From the Bonneville Salt Flats to The Arches National Park to "The Greatest Snow on Earth!" in Park City and Deer Valley ski resorts -- Utah is a land of beautiful contrasts, and awesome opportunities. World class skiing, industry, education, sports, entertainment and our favorite: FISHING!
Some of the most prolific streams, rivers and lakes are scattered across the state. If you can take your eyes off of the stunning scenery for a few seconds and cast a fly into those waters, that next tug just might be a record breaker!

VisitUtah.com is an excellent place to start your Utah adventure. You'll find recommendations for parks, ski destinations, biking and hiking trails, cultural attractions, as well as pictures and maps to tempt your explorer's soul.

Here are their 9 recommendations for some of the best fishing in Utah:

Top Rivers

1 - Green River | Its waters sparkle with the colors of a polished emerald, its red rock canyon walls glow like rubies in the sunlight. And the river’s resident trout lure trophy hunters from around the globe. If you are keeping a fly-fishing bucket list, the Utah section of the Green River should be in your top three “must fish” locations. While in the neighborhood, you may want to check out Flaming Gorge Reservoir, perhaps the most scenic trophy trout destination in the world.
2 - Provo River | The famous Provo River is one of the country’s top tailwater fisheries. Just an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport and a mere 15 to 25 minutes from Park City, the Middle and Lower sections of this Blue Ribbon stream offer 15+ miles of fisherman access, prolific hatches, stunning views of Mount Timpanogos, and rich populations of trout. Both the Middle and Lower Provo maintain healthy stream-flow year round, enabling consistent dry fly, nymph, and streamer fishing opportunities for both brown and rainbow trout.
3 - Weber River | Just a short 20 minutes northeast of Park City lies another of Northern Utah’s famous Blue Ribbon fisheries — the Weber River. The Weber humbly rises out of various lakes in the northeastern Uinta Mountains. Cool, clear water begins its descent into the “Thousand Peaks Ranch,” one of the first fly-friendly sections of the river’s 125-mile trek toward the Great Salt Lake.
4 - Currant Creek | An hour beyond Heber Valley lies a treasure trove of more remote opportunities for fly-fishing in Utah’s Uinta Basin. Currant Creek, a tributary of the Strawberry River, is off the beaten path for many anglers, offering intimate and solitary fly-fishing during the spring, summer and fall. No wider than a lane of traffic in many places, Currant Creek carves its way through silty, desert soil giving life to wildflowers, cottonwoods, moose and elk.
5 - Logan River | When we think of western freestones, cascading pocket water, quick riffles, eddy and seam lines and the sound of rushing water comes to mind. The stream is audible far before it comes into sight. The Logan River is an amalgam of all these attributes. Vast swaths of fisherman access, inordinate insect hatches, suitable water temperature and a fantastic fly-fishing ambiance for brown, rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout make this northern Utah stream worth exploring.
6 - Fremont River | Fish Lake Plateau rises a few miles north of the hoodoos, pinnacles, and arches of Capitol Reef National Park. Nested within the high desert uplift are a few stillwaters that give life to the desert valleys below — this is where the Fremont River’s story begins.

Top Lakes & Reservoirs

7 - Strawberry Reservoir | Although all the still waters on this list are family friendly, Strawberry Reservoir truly has something for everyone. Let’s start by keeping that pesky, diehard fly-fisher person occupied. Locals call it “Strawberry,” and it is the lifeblood of many highly productive Uinta Basin streams. Bustling populations of rainbow, cutthroat and land-locked kokanee salmon patrol the deeps and cruise the banks, feeding on crawfish, large scuds, damsel flies, leeches and a variety of still water mayflies.
8 - Uinta Mountain Lakes | Backpackers, day hikers, R.V. folk and casual campers can all experience the Uinta Mountains in their own way. Trekking through daisy-chained lakes within the backcountry drainages like Rock Creek and Swift Creek you’ll find plenty of fly-fish friendly options in a relatively small area. In contrast, camping and hiking along the roadside lakes like Trial Lake and Lost Lake (off Mirror Lake Highway) allow easy access for short stays and family get-togethers. You’ll find lakes holding a variety of fish species (brook, cutthroat, tiger, grayling, rainbow, and brown) from an elevation 7,000 feet to just over 13,000 feet above sea level.
9 - Pineview Reservoir | The Ogden Valley is a year-round recreation utopia. At the heart of the basin lies a phenomenal record-breaking, warm-water fishery — Pineview Reservoir. This stillwater was, until recently, home to the world record catch and release tiger musky, topping out at 53 inches and over 40 pounds. Every year, generally from May until July, when water temperatures are ideal, toothy-critter aficionados make their pilgrimage to Pineview to patrol the banks in search of this prehistoric game fish.

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