“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Live Wild!

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Trout live in wild places. Places where you feel closer to the earth...and that feels a little closer to heaven.

Want to be a better angler? Who doesn't? Trout are hunters. Know their prey and you'll know how to hunt them better, whether you fly fish or spin. Dude! Wut's Hatchin', Bro? introduces you to a number of sources that will help get you "schooled up" on aquatic entomology.

Not all knots are equal! What I mean's important to know how to tie the knot that best fits the application. Do you see what I mean? Or knot? CLICK HERE and you'll understand.

Troutn people, troutn places, troutn adventure...that's what is all about!

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It's not just for guys in bunkers waiting for the zombie apocalypse! Winter storms, power outages, floods, hurricanes AND, yes, a zombie apocalypse can leave you short of food and water.


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Warning: Sometimes their language can get a little "salty".

Tributaries Fly Fishing Film

Tributaries Digital Cinema

Hang Tight

Brothers on the Fly

Low and Clear




Fly Fishing Steelhead from Icebergs

Captain Quinn

High Country Cutthroat

Todd Moen

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Where in the world are YOU going?

This map is your portal to exciting destinations - lodges, guides and outfitters where you can get your TROUTN experience on!
DISCLAIMER: I haven't visited most of these lodges, guides or outfitters. So, please do not regard any descriptions as a personal endorsement.